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The History of Linwood Estate

We often get asked by our couples & their wedding guests about the history of Linwood Estate. The property dates back to 1807, built as a small cabin and later transformed into a grand manor by Linwood B. Phillips Jr., known as L.B. When L.B. passed away in 2006, the property stayed private until it went up for auction in late 2013. The new owners, Dr. Robert and Mrs. Christine Myers purchased the estate to renovate the property so it could be shared with the community. Even though the property is under a new family, the connection to the original family is still present. Dr. Myers grandfather and L.B. were good friends and would often sit together in the mansion by the fireplace discussing real estate and other topics.

The Myers wanted to keep as much of the original beauty in the property as possible. Throughout the mansion, the stone fireplaces, chandeliers, and most of the hardwood floors are original. Much of the furniture was purchased with the property, and has been reupholstered to match the theme of the home. Interior design work was led by Lori Diminick along with Mrs. Christine Myers.

L.B. was a collector of many things, including chandeliers and Remington statues. Frederic Remington was an American artist who specialized in depictions of the American Old West. Remington's works are known for depicting the Western United States in the last quarter of the 19th-century, featuring such images as cowboys, American Indians, and the United States Cavalry. Several of his sculptures can be found throughout various rooms in the Mansion.

Nestled on over 300 acres of the Great Appalachian Valley, Linwood offers multiple picturesque locations and a relaxing atmosphere in the heart of Pennsylvania. With working farmland on either side of the property, there’s always a scenic backdrop in sight. Our North Lawn is graced with Grecian-style sculptures and a Secret Garden-esque impression, and hosts a lovely rose garden, a small pond and waterfall hidden among the maze of flowers and foliage.

There are 19 guest rooms spread across four houses on the property, so our couples may invite their family and friends to stay the weekend to celebrate their weddings. We also host private retreats and getaways, nonprofit events, corporate seminars, & smaller social events.

Photos by Rebekah Viola Photography

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